What Everybody Ought to Know About Go, Grow and Glow

Do you remember discussing about food groups in elementary? There are actually three of them; the Go (energy -giving foods), Grow (promotes growth development), Glow (enhances the skin), Knowing this three food groups would give you an idea of what to include in your menu to have a nutritious meal in a plate.

Foods are classified according to the benefits they give you. This is done to easily identify what each food serves the body with. For example, knowing the three food groups would make you identify the need to eat rice before a strenuous activity. Sort the healthy ones from the junks and stay fit.

Go Foods

These are foods that supply the body with energy that you need to carry out your daily tasks. Examples of these foods are rice, bread and pasta. They contain good amount of carbohydrates to keep you energized all day long. Other great sources of energy are potatoes and root crops.

You may avoid “Go” foods because you are on a strict diet, but remember, you need energy to survive a taxing day. You do not want to suddenly pass out in the office. Daily intake of calories is based on a person’s daily calorie requirement. First identify your body mass index which is an indicator of a normal body weight. Know your daily activities for the required intake relies on a person’s activities. Dieting should not be done abruptly. Gradually lessen your intake of foods and do not skip meals.

Glow foods

“Glow” foods are the ones to feast on when you are aiming to have a healthy glow. This food group gives you the protein you need for that soft shiny skin and sparkly eyes. The foods you need to exude a glow are actually in your backyard..

This food group gives you vitamins and minerals to keep yourself healthy. It is composed of fruits and vegetables that are rich sources of nutrients. Aside from the glowing looks, fruits and vegetables also boost the immune system against certain diseases. Eat your green leafy veggies if you want to have the glow.

Grow foods

Just by its name, you would know that the foods under this list promote growth and development. Milk, cheese, chicken meat and fish are grow foods and are great sources of the nutrient protein in the diet. It is very vital for you to grow up and maintain a healthy body.

Protein is very important in growing muscles. Many body builders take supplements to have a well-toned and buffed body. Knowing your grow foods and eating them regularly would cut the need for whey proteins and other protein capsules. If you want to have a fit built, exercise and “Grow” foods could make wonders.

Identifying the different food groups and knowing the nutrition they serve on the table really pays off. Through these, you could write a meal plan every day. A balance between the “Go”, “Glow” and “Grow” foods is very important to have optimal nutrition. Have the healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle.

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